Man what a hornets web your stirred up,withy register cleaner, even some uncalled for nastiness, my thinking is a good cleaner serves its purpose,as a drop of oil does on a door hnge,put too much on and you have a mess . I had the pleasure of digging through the registry to remove the left overs from from Nortons work program a few Years ago,sure would have been nice to have had Ccleaner Then.

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3rd get on line or call an expert for help (when I have problem that I know nothing about, I use all the help I can get). With that scenario in mind, a tool to remove that ‘junk’, is surely a valuable one. I have used CCleaner’s registry cleaner for a half dozen years+, and typically run it at least once a week. CCleaner does not do that; if it can’t find the file IN THE SPECIFIC LOCATION, it simply deletes the entry. It’s essentially impossible for that procedure to ever cause a problem.

registry cleaning is not that necessary because usually the cause of most instability is related to driver issues and from my experience most registry cleaners wisely avoid messing up with drivers’ entries. CCleaner and Argente Registry Cleaner are the only free registry cleaners which are safe to use, however on occasion the deletion of empty software keys can cause problems and a restore will be needed. For people who do feel the need to mess with their registry I recommend TuneUp Utilities 2009 as it very safe and the trial version is fully functional, unlike many registry cleaners.

That slowed my machine, froze it, gave me blank screens and I just uninstalled and am requesting a refund. I have been all over the web looking at all the reviews written and no one agrees. RegCure found the most errors, but how do you know if correcting them will really make your machine run better? So I will not be purchasing any registry cleaner, because I am afraid of what has been done and might be done even on the newbie club I was not convinced. And I definitely install and play with random things on my machines all the time.

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So, I obtained a Dell Dimension 4300 that had been in office use. so I purchased PCTools Internet Security which has anti-spyware, anti-virus, firewall, and spam protection. I cannot get the firewall to install, so I am waiting on tech support, which is not so great. As a bonus I was given Desktop Maestro which is a combination of Registry Mechanic and Privacy Guardian.

  • To continue promising you a malware-free catalog of programs and apps, our team has integrated a Report Software feature in every catalog page that loops your feedback back to us.
  • I’m writing this because I’m installing it on a notebook that, after paying top dollar for registry software that has significant issues, I’m visiting the site to download Old Faithful – Free Windows Registry Repair 2.5.
  • We’d like to highlight that from time to time, we may miss a potentially malicious software program.
  • If you can show proof positive 100% that some value in the Registry is actually causing an issue then change or remove THAT entry.
  • For your convenience it automatically backup any repairs made so that you always can restore Windows registry to the original state.

I then spent some time using the cleaned partition to see if any problems appeared, but none did. As it happens, Registry Medic automatically backs up any changes it makes, so you can restore them later if you do have problems.

Another point, most of the cooments with links to download registry cleaners or to review sites have been made by affiliates of the programs they suggest and they make money from sales of them. So their opinion is worthless as they are just trying to make money. I think I have to agree with Leo about Registry cleaners. Well I needed to uninstall norton and when I went to reinstall I did not have enough memory because they had upped their requirements.

I do use it after lots of surfing or after deleting a program etc. Windows has gotting better at deleting unwanted,but needs a bit of help sometimes.

That kind of “playing” is exactly what most registry cleaning advocates say lead to registry issues; yet I’ve rarely had issues, and when I did, registry cleaners weren’t the solution. Registry cleaners are rarely needed and rarely effective. Reputable registry cleaners such as CCleaner and JV16 Power Tools can be used as a last resort, if nothing else has helped. Regardless of which you use, always back up completely first. Since I couldn’t find a single item that it wouldn’t be safe to eradicate or re-link to an identically named file that Registry Medic had found elsewhere, I deleted the whole lot in one go.

I’m using Win.XP and I was told to never use any Registry Cleaner because they can steam_api64.dll corrupt some programs . I experienced this myself when I used a registry cleaner a couple of month’s ago and couldn’t open my Adobe Photo Deluxe program afterward. I tried to reinstall it and couldn’t do that either, I got an error message. That is where they told me to never use any Registry cleaner because they will cause problems. The only way I got my Adobe Photo Deluxe to operate again is by using “system restore “.